Thank you for your interest in our podcast Happiness Now! Secrets to Success from the East and West! This podcast is all about empowering us to achieve Happiness and Success in every aspect of our life. We will discover some of the wisdom that is found in different cultures about this topic. This podcast is based on the works of Qasim Ali Shah, a motivational speaker based in Lahore, Pakistan. The topics we cover in our talks mirror the subjects that he has taught and trained tens of thousands of people in. These topics include Self Management, Leadership, Relationships, Spirituality, Overcoming Obstacles and Book Reviews.

I hope that listeners can enjoy and learn from this podcast, I know our team is doing both while putting this project together!

Meet the Team


Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah is a renowned teacher/trainer and motivational speaker and author for over 16 years, based in Lahore, Pakistan. He has written several books, delivered thousands of training sessions, created over 500 video lectures, trained over 8,000 school principals, and tens thousands of others, including corporate executives, police departments, armed services officials, the High Court of Pakistan, and other high level departments in the Pakistan government. He is also the head of a secondary school that currently has enrollment of over 1,000 students.


Lilly Chaudry

I was born in Pakistan and came to the US at 3 years old. I grew up in Maryland most of my life. I have a BS and MS in the field of Information Technology (IT), and have worked for over a decade in the field of IT. But I have always been interested in self-help books, talks and just trying to get to the most positive place within myself as I possibly can. But it is hearing QAS’s talks that really inspired me to start this podcast. And since he lectures exclusively in the Urdu language, I wanted to create a way for an English-speaking audience to also benefit from his teachings, including myself. And I am also hoping to create a way for others less fortunate to really benefit from this podcast…details coming soon!


Abubaker Zahoor

Based in Lahore, Abubaker Zahoor (A.Z.) is our script writer. He has a BA in Psychology and English Literature. He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The A-Z Magazine, an online publication. His book “Evening Rides with My Guru”, which is based on interviews of his mentorQasim Ali Shah, is soon to be published. In 2015-16, A.Z. cohosted a radio show with Qasim Ali Shah.

Happiness Now

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